Our Story

House of Ruth Foundation (HoRF) began as a small tree-planting organization in the Kafue district, in 2018 with minimum capitalization.   In April 2019, the foundation was registered with the Ministry of Community Development. Since then, the organization is on a growth trajectory attracting funding from the Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Basin (SCRiKA) Project to raise, distribute and plant 10,000 assorted fruit trees in 2019, that is in addition to the 5000-tree raised by the organization using local resources.

HoRF has the mandate to work within the perimeters of providing social services to better the lives of the less privileged who need support in terms of improving livelihoods and fostering development in the areas of need accorded.  This could be in the area of Environment, Skills for development and Entrepreneurship called (ESE) and any other social amenities the organization can advance to the community.

HoRF Plants


Environmental Justice is led and driven by communities committed to nature restoration.


To build the capacity of communities in forest restoration and management towards nature restoration practices that are economically and ecologically beneficial to people and the planet.

Core Values

Community Concentration and Engagements

We shall orient the organisation toward our targeted communities’ needs by maintaining effective community engagement at all times

Gender Sensitivity and Social Inclusion

Women and youths are our most important group in attaining our goal. Equity between women and youth access to management of resources and programs.


We leverage technology and ideas to enhance continuous improvement to our set goals towards leaving situations at the community level better than we found them.


Individual commitment and participation are recognised and we encourage idea-sharing among team members.


We strictly implore all team members to be more transparent, honest, and courteous and work in complete harmony with what we think, say, and conduct our duty routines in the working circles.


To Provide Entrepreneurship Support to Youths and Women

In producer groupings such as cooperatives, youth, women groups, and clubs as well as individuals in farming, including people with disabilities. We Empower them with various farming inputs to upscale their production capacity and introduce them to big markets for supply. This will include cold storage facilities and bulking centers for storage and quality control of small-scale farmer producer groupings and individuals.

To Provide Survival Technical Skills for Development

To enhance alternative livelihood to targeted people who are mostly in illegitimate acts towards destabilizing our natural resources in our catchment areas as a way to alleviate illegal trade to our natural resources. This will include but not be limited to; skills focusing on carpentry, bricklaying, and training in Agro/aquaculture-related, beekeeping, to mention but a few.  Empowering them with all equipment related to sectors of operation which include but are not limited to carpentry, welding for income generation, youth, and women. All our skills development will be environmentally smart and friendly.

To Advocate for Environmental Justice and Initiating Strong Allays to Climate Change

This innovation will focus on instigating mitigating strategy, promoting resilience and adaption at the community level. It will also incorporate advocacy and lobbying. Our actions will be towards influencing actions led and driven by traditional leaders/local communities that are economically and ecologically beneficial to humanity and the earth. Collaborate with government and non-governmental institutions through climate forums from the village, and district to provincial levels where all programs will ride and be implemented. Safeguarding water species, halting deforestation, land and forest degradation, protecting and sustainably managing forests, restore forest landscapes and their habitats in Zambia whilst popularizing the Keep Zambia Health and Clean campaign (7th NDP) with a focus on the reduction of plastic usage.

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We work to better the lives of the less privileged who need support in terms of improving livelihoods and fostering development at community lelvel

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