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During the COVID-19 pandemic, those in degraded forestry, farmlands, and river banks of Kafue District were hit the hardest. To mitigate the impact, HoRF helps communities demand climate accountability from Civic Leaders while supporting them to adopt and begin implementing a ‘Forest-Fruit- Fish-Vegetable model (3FV) as part of ‘Entrepreneurship driven Nutritional and Health programming (ENHP).


This is part of the organisation’s mission to support self-reliant job creation and income generation among vulnerable communities in Kafue district and beyond. Our dream is to work with the traditional leadership and key stakeholders rather than working in silos to realize Zambia’s Sustainable Development Goal and Vision of 2030.


We are strong believers in the accountability mantra that says Nothing for Us Without Us. Forthwith, to live up to this mantra, HoRF has targeted a diverse range of stakeholders to ensure that women and youths actualize their full potential to be a solution RATHER THAN a problem to any challenge that may arise due to climate change.  Given the above HoRF, is now officially launched.

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HoRF is among non-state actors supporting Government efforts to preserve nature and the environment. It is bringing community voices into national policy platforms through advocacy to make climate policy & finance more responsive to the need of the youths, women, and people living with disabilities while adopting and adapting tested climate-resilient solutions that work with local solutions and realities.  This is a sure way to ensure the government is working with nature, rather than against it.

When we protect our nature, we enjoy benefits that include the preservation of our climate, repairing forestry, halting the loss of Biodiversity, and natural systems before, we risk reaching irreversible tipping points.

Through Nature conservation efforts and restoration, we help the government with workable, cost-efficient solutions in our fight against climate change.

When a country is freed from the effects of climate change, our people’s risk of staving due to drought or dying due to flooding is minimized while nature will nurture leading to enough food, less migration, and internal displacement, and jobs are created as a result of the same food production and processing. Then we have got something to smile about as a country. It is our responsibility to make sure that we protect our environment to reduce the impact of human activities on our climate.